Franz Gamarra

Multimedia Designer

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html5 and css3 allows me to create more diverse and responsive Web sites.

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Combining these, I can create powerful, dynamic, interactive web pages & CMS.

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Important tools to create smooth rich animations for UI and spice up sites with dynamic content.

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The best editing tools for design and image editing for a design faster & productive.

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Logo Design

Logo design is not just to create an emblem of your company, it should reflects the soul & goals of your company for your social media presence. I aim to create a beautiful, lasting and recognizable logo.

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Visual Identity

The visual comunication between your brand and your costumers, through out all the visual designs applications, that form part of the overall brand, that Integrates and creates a unique presence everywhere.

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Social Media Marketing

Creating and implementing visual marketing contents, to communicate or attract attention for your website and encourage people and/or customers to share it with their social networks to help a company increase brand exposure and broaden customer reach.

Portfolio of My Work

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    Day by day I am passionately involved with Multimedia Design, I am always curious about how web sites and web design works.

    Franz Gamarra, a multimedia designer student at Business Academy Aarhus, Denmark.

What about me ?.

Day by day I am passionately involved with this amazing career, I am always curious about how web sites and web sites design works. I try to take advantage of social media to help me to build a positive presence and make my websites more relevant to the people that visit my websites.

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Aarhus city where franzw lives

Where I live

My mother language is Spanish, and I have learned other languages such as English, Russian, and Portuguese. I am learning Danish right now. I' Currently living in Århus, Denmark. My exposure to each of these cultures and languages has given me the ability to communicate across multiple cultures and languages, which will help me, to gain a competitive edge in the job market.

Apart from my studies

Aside from my studies of Multimedia Design and Communication, I’ve worked as chef in many restaurants, I am specialist in Peruvian cuisine and I like also other type of cuisines, specially the Italian, in my spare time I like cooking, read on-line newspapers, magazines and in general surf the internet.

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Franz Gamarra currently lives and works in Denmark. Email Me if you want to talk about an upcoming project or just to say hello.

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